Neurotechnologies Department

of the UNN Institute of Biology and Biomedicine

Specialization and teaching
Special lecture courses
  • Mathematical models of neural networks of the brain – DrSc Kazantsev V.B.
  • The application of statistical methods for processing of experimental results - PhD Pimashkin A.S.
  • Neurochemistry - PhD Shchelchkova N.A.
  • Molecular Neurobiology - PhD Babaev А.А.
  • Membranology - DrSc Vodeneev V.A., DrSc Deriugina A.V., DrSc Semyanov A.V.
  • Fundamentals of modelling spiking neural networks – PhD Simonov А.Yu.
  • Cellular Neurobiology – DrSc Semyanov A.V.
  • Fundamentals of dynamic systems in biology - Gordleeva S.Y., Mironov V.I.
  • Analysis of experimental data - PhD Pimashkin A.S.
  • Fundamentals of biophysics and physiology of excitable systems - DrSc Mukhina I.V.
  • The molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases - PhD Babaev A.A.
  • Experimental modeling of physiological processes - PhD Vedunova M.V., PhD Mironov A.A.
  • The private physiology of the central nervous system - PhD Mironov A.A.
  • The phylogeny of the nervous system - PhD Mitroshina E.V.
  • Mathematical models of neuron-glial systems – DrSc Kazantsev V.B.
  • Principles of Electrophysiology - PhD Pimashkin A.S.
  • System regulatory factors of the brain - PhD Vedunova M.V.
  • Nervous regulation of the visual system - PhD Druzin M.J.
  • Biophysics and physiology of ion channels in excitable membranes - DrSc Mukhina I.V.
  • Modeling of plasticity and learning in neural networks of the brain - PhD Lobov S.A.
Laboratory works
  • “Investigation of nerve pulse parameters recorded from the sciatic frog nerve” (Prof. I.V. Mukhina)
  • “Generation of action potentials in Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model” (Prof. V.B. Kazantsev)
  • “Identification and analyses of hippocampal astrocytic activity” (Prof. A.V. Semyanov)