SPF animal facility

of the UNN Institute of Biology and Biomedicine

General information

The SPF animal facility consists of quarters for animal`s alimentation and breeding, realization of full complex behavioral tests for judgement about the functional condition of the Central nervous system and also for carring out surgery operations on rodents. The SPF animal facility gives services for a transportation and delivery of laboratory animals from world breeders, which are necessary for research works. Moreover, the housing room affords services for the accomodation and isolation, permanent and short alimentation. The keeping of animals in these conditions allow the breeding of animal`s pure lines both the wild type and transgenic animals. It permits to take a research work on the highest level with the observance of all demands for an animal`s experimental work.

The SPF housing room is located at the 7th building of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod and is the subdivision of Institute of Biology and Biomedicine.

The PhD, professor assistant of Neurotechnologies department Andrey Mironov is the director of the SPF animal facility.